Multi Generational Teams


We’ve all seen the charts that try to pin down what each generation is like at work, but do they capture the real picture? And more importantly, how can we bridge the gap and work effectively together despite our differences?

As humans we like to put things in neat little boxes, but when it comes to people, this can be a problem.  Why? Because it’s easy to get stuck on those labels, letting them define how we see each other when the truth is, not everyone fits those stereotypes. There's so much untapped potential in mixing generations, bringing different experiences, fresh ideas and a spectrum of skills to the table.

So, how can managers connect with a multi-generational team and make the most of everyone's talents? We think these 5 tips are a great place to start:

Ditch the stereotypes

Get to know people as individuals. It's all about building strong relationships so you can adjust how you manage each person.

Boost emotional intelligence

Help yourself and your team understand values, beliefs, assumptions, motivations, and how actions affect others.  It’s important for leaders to practise what they preach as their own self-awareness and empathy will set the tone for others.

Encourage your team to embrace their emotions

Experiencing a full range of emotions is normal and healthy. Name those feelings and find healthy ways to cope that enable individuals to learn and grow.

Don't overlook the fundamentals of good management

Setting clear objectives and having regular check-ins is more important than ever, especially with remote or hybrid work setups.

Find the sweet-spot with HR policies

These should balance compassion with challenge, giving managers the flexibility to support their teams while still getting work done.

At the end of the day, it's all about making work meaningful and empowering for your people whatever their age. When your team feels good about what they're doing, they'll be more confident and productive.