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The Little HR Department offers HR support and services across all elements of the employee life cycle.


Getting the right people is critical.  Perhaps you don’t have the time to read through hundreds of applications, but you need someone on board quickly.

We can provide an outsourced recruitment service, from reviewing or writing job descriptions, salary benchmarking, advertising or headhunting online, to screening applications and CVs, shortlisting candidates, interviewing and assessing final candidates.  You can choose the level of support you need.


The Little HR Department

Employment Contracts, Handbooks & Policies

New employees will need a formal employment offer and a contract of employment.  Since 6th April 2020 employees have the legal right to a written statement of main terms and conditions from their first day of employment.

A staff handbook is an essential document which welcomes new staff and clarifies the expectations, rules and procedures within the company.  We can create a handbook for you which covers all the key essential elements and statutory HR policies and procedures.

As your business grows and changes you may require new or bespoke one-off policies which we can produce for you. Or perhaps your existing handbook is out of date and needs a review?


Induction and the Probationary Period

The quicker an employee is settled in and understands their role the quicker they will be productive.  We can produce induction/training schedules which will engage your new staff members and get them up to speed quickly.

Sometimes the person you hired does not perform as you had hoped. We can support you in managing the probationary period, dealing with issues that may arise and if necessary, bringing the employment to a close.


Template Forms and Letters

Depending on your business requirements we can provide you with a collection of template documents, including HR letters and forms to ease your day-to-day HR administration tasks.

We can also provide all necessary and compliant letters/documentation for HR employment issues as they arise, for example, redundancies, disciplinaries, grievances, flexible working, maternity and parental leave to name a few.

Managing performance is key to keeping your employees focused and engaged.  Regular communication supported by an effective appraisal process is crucial in supporting this.  We can provide you with bespoke documentation to set your team annual goals or targets and to facilitate an effective review.


Pay & Benefits

Rewarding your employees in the right way will engage and help to motivate your people.  We can help you to introduce meaningful benefits with your budget size in mind, for example pension, flexi-time, performance-related bonus, additional holiday, private medical insurance, life insurance or other employee perks.

Do you know how well you pay your people compared to the market and your competitors? We can benchmark your employees against the market rate to assist in your salary review and recruitment decisions. We can also support you in implementing salary “banding” to ensure there is structure, thought and fairness behind the pay in your organisation.


Employment Law

UK employment law is ever-changing, and the consequences of non-compliance can be damaging to your business.  We offer advice covering all elements of employment law and will provide you with a practical solution and way forward.

These core areas include:

  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Statutory rates
  • Sickness/absence
  • Working time regulations
  • Discrimination (sex, age, disability, race etc)
  • Redundancy
  • Disciplinary
  • Stress and mental health
  • Grievance
  • Maternity and parental leave
  • Flexible working
  • Termination and settlement agreements
  • Data protection
  • Health and Safety


Employee Issues

Sometimes issues that arise with your people, for example long-term sickness or workplace disagreements that can be really challenging.  It can be hard to know how to best resolve these issues and without putting your business at risk from employment claims.

We can advise you on how to effectively handle employee relations issues whilst mitigating the risk to your business.  These might involve grievances, disciplinary issues, performance management, employee wellbeing/mental health.


HR Software

Implementing an HR software solution will ease the burden of HR administration and are extremely competitively priced.  An HR software solution will be the central point for all your employee records, documentation and letters.  Employees’ holidays can be managed, signed or approved through an employee interface saving you time and avoiding errors.

We can source an effective HR software solution for you to meet both your budget and your business needs.  We can support the set up and implementation roll out for you.


Training & Development

Managing people isn’t always easy, it will undoubtably mean holding challenging conversations and considering how to motivate and retain your employees.  We can train and/or coach business owners, line managers and supervisors on the core elements of people management.

We can also educate your leaders on the most common and important aspects of employment law giving them the tools to handle common HR issues and mitigate the risk of employment claims. We can also provide 360 feedback, a useful tool to enlighten and develop your people.

The Little HR Department
The Little HR Department